Whether you’re looking for a new or used Chevrolet Silverado for sale vehicle or a brand-new Chevy Traverse, you can count on your local Chevy dealership near Los Angeles to provide an enjoyable shopping experience. Keyes Chevrolet is also your go-to destination for maintaining your vehicle. In between service visits, keep this short list of common road hazard precautions in mind when you’re behind the wheel.

Heavy Traffic

Drivers in and around Los Angeles are no strangers to heavy traffic. The bumper-to-bumper conditions of rush hour can create perfect conditions for collisions. Even though it’s wise to go with the flow of traffic, do yourself a favor by maintaining a safe distance with the preceding car. You’ll be able to react to the inevitable sudden quick lane changes and stops that accompany driving in the area.

Road Construction

Construction zones are also commonplace on California highways. While you may see them as hindrances to getting to your destination, it’s important to exercise caution as you approach them. Slow down, change lanes as directed, and be mindful of construction workers. 


Rainy Weather

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are the number-one cause of death in the country. Precipitation is a major cause of these kinds of fatalities. Since even slight rain can create slippery conditions, it’s best to slow your speed when it rains to ensure proper stopping ability. Also make sure you use your headlights properly and keep extra distance between your car and others. 

Do you need a new set of wipers or a quick vehicle check-up? Stop by our Chevy center serving Northridge and our team will take a look. We’re here for all of your automotive needs, especially in regards to understanding how to handle various road hazards.