If you own a Chevy Silverado 1500 near Northridge, CA, chances are you rely on it for both work and play. Keeping up with routine maintenance is the most effective way to ensure your Chevy pickup continues to perform the way you need it to. Brake responsiveness ranks at the top of the list of important safe driving criteria, and we can keep your new or used Chevrolet model in dependable shape at Keyes Chevrolet.

Grinding or squealing noises and increased stopping time are telltale signs that your brakes need attention. Do yourself a favor and bring your vehicle to our Chevy service center near Los Angeles if you notice these issues. Also, take care to stay up to date with these other routine brake services.

Regular Brake Inspections
Don’t just wait for a problem to arise before asking our technicians to inspect the general health of all brake components. Routine checks of the calipers, brake pads, and rotors can reveal any issues with rust or uneven wear.  

Maintain Brake Cylinder Fluid Levels
When you’re in for a routine brake inspection, we can also top off your brake fluid levels. Maintaining the proper amount of this fluid can prevent sluggish braking time or warning signs of low fluid levels — such as a steering wheel that vibrates when coming to a stop.

Brake Replacements
This is obvious, but it’s also important to schedule brake replacements promptly. Our service experts can let you know when it’s time to make a switch, and they can provide fast installation as well.

Keep your Chevy Silverado’s brakes and all components in first-rate condition at our Chevy dealership. If you have questions about brake service frequency, just ask our team for specifics.